October 2018 Newsletter



August-October 2018

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In the Community.

We have had to postpone the first Support Group meeting at the WISDEM Centre (UHCW) at the request of Dr Murthy. The new date is Thursday 15th November more information to follow We have given one Community talk and 3 1:1 sessions, with Community talks now booking into January. We have a repeat visit to the Forum Health Centre in December.

Raising Awareness

Steve Chetwynd and Alison helped out Diabetes UK with the well being event held at Edgebaston during the 1st England v India test match. The day raised just over £500.  Alison and Roger attended the Well Being Event at HMP Onley (Rugby), where they spoke to 35 prisoners, staff and the stall holders. We have followed up on contacts made and will possibly be going into YOI Rye Hill sometime in the future. Our Well Being Event at HMP Dovegate (Uttoxeter) has also been postponed until November.


Alison was invited to a discussion on how to move the Know your Risk campaign forward now that the roadshows are no more. Alison and Keith Blake attended the new offices in Wolverhampton for a focus group discussion on Food Labelling and how we can influence Government to make improvements. The national consultation ends in December so we will not see things moving until the middle of next year at the earliest.


Our bucket collection in Coventry City Centre raised  £255.47 for the group. My attention has been drawn to the fact that other charitable organisations in Coventry managed to raise over £650 on a bucket collection. The discrepancy is SOLEY due to the lack of numbers of volunteers. For next year’s collection we are planning something big, and for it to be a success we need more people to get involved as we will require many more volunteers to help out. The date has now been confirmed as the 15th June 2019 so please clear your diaries and consider helping out.


Dates for your Diary.

October 15th Group AGM

2019 meeting dates available.

World Diabetes Day November 14th 

December 17th Dr. Timothy Robbins

TBC TESCO bucket Collection 8th June 2019

TBC National Diabetes Week 2019 12-18th June

City Centre Bucket collection/ Shoe Event 15th June