June 2021 Newsletter



April - June 2021

Group Meetings

Our next meeting is on Monday 21st June from 7:30-9:30pm. Log in details will be sent to ALL group members with e mail addresses in the hope that more of you will join us. We accept that everyone is getting fed up with video meetings/chats but until face to face meetings are allowed this is a good alternative to keep the group open for business.

If you would like to join us but are unsure how, please contact the group and someone will be able to assist you. It’s really easy.

If anyone has any worries or questions or just wants to chat you can call the group. We can also offer 1:1 sessions via zoom if anyone feels they need to talk to someone face to face. Just get in touch.

In the Communty

Diabetes UK have stopped all the Know Your Risk (KYR) events. Whilst the KYR roadshows with the big blue busses reached a large number of people with an average referral rate of 60%for those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, smaller individual events have not been so productive. There is something in development to fill the gap but this will not be announced until next year. To find out your risk now please use the link below. 


 Group News

Following on from our December meeting with Health Watch Coventry, we have been asked to take part in a survey to highlight any issues people have had in accessing their annual diabetes checkups during the pandemic.  


 Surveys like this help to improve diabetes care for all within Coventry, so please consider taking part.


Dates for your Diary 2021.

21st June group meeting - Zoom

16th August group meeting - Zoom

18th October (AGM) - Zoom

20th December 2021 - Zoom