February - April 19 Newsletter



February-April 2019


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2019 Bucket Collection and Shoe Event

At the end of February we sent letters to the full City Council and the 3 MP’s for Coventry inviting them to come along to our event. We have had a reply from Jim Cunningham MP and 3 councillors. Please see the article below on Alison and any assistance you can offer for this event will be gratefully received. If you would like to help out please contact Alison on 07491 872092


In the Community.

We are waiting to hear back from TESCO about our possible bucket collection at Arena Park TESCO for the 8th June. We are also continuing to follow up with the Coventry City of Sport events. We have been invited to join in with Vasakhi in May at Memorial Park but this is dependant on transport for Alison As she is still on crutches. We have received a request to participate in an event with Coventry Godiva Lions at the end of April in Foleshill. 



We are holding a training course on the 10th April for those people who signed up to do the new style “Know Your Risk” risk assessments. This was organised because we received a request to participate in an event with Coventry Godiva Lions at the end of April. The new training is necessary because the “Know your Risk” Roadshows are no longer happening.


Raising Awareness

We were unable to attend HMP Foston Hall to participate in a Wellbeing event in April. This was due to the prison rearranging the date and due to a change in Alison’s health. Our attendance at the HMRC in Coventry in February went down really well with Alison Steve and Dennis talking to over 40 members of staff.



Alison it seems, will be on crutches for the foreseeable future and due to a slight change in her injury, has been advised not to walk anywhere. This means she will not be able to do many events for the remainder of the year. 


Dates for your Diary.

2019 meeting dates available.

April 15th 2019 Group Meeting Speaker Dietitian.

8th June 2019 TBC TESCO bucket Collection 

15th June City Centre Bucket collection/ Shoe Event 

National Diabetes Week 2019 12-18th June

June 17th 2019 Group Meeting

August 12th Group Meeting

October 21st Group AGM Meeting

December 16th Group Meeting.