August 2021 Newsletter



June - August 2021

Group Meetings

Our next meeting is on Monday 16th August from 7:30-9:30pm. Log in details will be sent to ALL group members with e mail addresses in the hope that more of you will join us. We accept that everyone is getting fed up with video meetings/chats but until face to face meetings are allowed this is a good alternative to keep the group open for business.

If you would like to join us but are unsure how, please let Alison know and she can help you set things up. It’s really easy.

If anyone has any worries or questions or just wants to chat you can give Alison a call. We can also have 1:1 sessions via zoom if anyone feels they need to talk to someone face to face just get in touch.


Return to Face to Face meetings.

As Covid restrictions are being lifted and we contemplate returning to face to face meetings, we would like to hear your views on how you feel about this and any precautions you would like to see remain in place. We would be grateful if you can return the attached questionnaire as soon as possible to allow us time to put any additional precautions in place.  The earliest face to face meeting could be the October AGM on Monday 18th October.


In the Communty

Alison is working with Warwick Medical School on a project for first year students on diabetes. This is in the early stages so more information will follow. We are also supporting a local secondary school in helping a pupil with diabetes to cope with their condition.


Dates for your Diary 2021.

16th August group meeting - Zoom

18th October (AGM) - TBC Zoom / in person

20th December 2021 - TBC Zoom / in person


Dates fro our metings in 2022 will be available from our October meeting.