April 2021 Newsletter



February - April 2021

Group Meetings

Our next meeting is on Monday 19th April from 7:30-9:30pm. If you wish to join this meeting please contact Alison, who will send you the login details nearer the time. Since moving to Zoom, numbers of people attending our group meetings has dropped considerably. We would love to see more of you joining us, especially as no one needs to leave the house in order to attend.

If you would like to join us but are unsure how, please let Alison know and she can help you set things up. It’s really easy.

If anyone has any worries or questions or just wants to chat you can give Alison a call. We can also have 1:1 sessions via zoom if anyone feels they need to talk to someone face to face just get in touch.

In the Communty

UHCW, are mandated to consult with patient groups on an annual basis to look at ways of improving their service and patient care. Following the most recent meeting in March lots of positives were highlighted as well as areas where there is still room for improvement.

Group News

Following a welfare phone call and feedback to head office, we have been asked to help review all the general advice leaflets which Diabetes UK produce in large print. With help from members of the group Alison will be be feeding back to head office.

We have also asked our regional office for any news on future meetings. When does Diabetes UK envisage us returning to face to face meeting. We anticipate there will be health and safety hoops to jump through both as a group and working with our venues, so we would like to begin to prepare for this so we can be ready to go when circumstances allow.


Dates for your Diary 2021.

19th April group meeting - Zoom

21st June group meeting - Zoom

16th August group meeting - Zoom

18th October (AGM) - Zoom

20th December 2021 - Zoom