On the day nearly all our volunteers turned up, despite issue with the trains both from London and Birmingham.  We spoke to 6 Coventry City Councillors and the Lord Mayor. We gave an interview to a local volunteer radio station Hilz FM, BBC Cov and Warks gave us a shout out. We spoke to over 200 people around town and in Broadgate and we gave out around 200 Know Your Risk leaflets. Lets hope people do their own individaul risk assessment and prevent a diagnosis. Conversations were had and the shoes were a great conversation starter. We spoke to people with diabetes who were not aware that amputations were related to the condition so they were encouraged to look after themselves and take action if required reduce their risk of complications. Members of the CCG who joined us were encouraging people to sign up to the Desmond education programme too.


We did pack up slightly earlier than planned due to torrential rain and soggy boxes but all in all a very successful day. In total we raised £299.39.